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What it's all about

When you decide to buy a product based on name rather than price or other factors, you are recognising the importance of branding: you trust the name on the packaging and you know what to expect. Author branding works in much the same way: by building up a coherent brand image across your publications, your website, your social media platforms, even your public appearances at readings and book signings, you can establish yourself as a professional, focus on your unique identity, and encourage reader loyalty.




Professional image

An effective author brand appeals to readers and publishers alike. It shows that you are proud of your skills and your work, and that you care about the impression you make. And making a good impression can help you market your self-published book, increase your readership for your online writing, find an agent or publisher, or expand your client portfolio for freelance writing.

Unique identity

It's important to recognise what distinguishes you from the crowd: what is it about your writing that is different, better, special? What are the recurring themes and threads? How would you define your genre, style and voice? Try and find what it is that makes you unique and see how you can use this to build a brand identity that is appropriate for your writing and for you.

Reader loyalty

By establishing a clear and appropriate brand, you make it easier for your readers to recognise your work. When a reader likes your writing, they will want to read more of your work; careful branding makes finding it simple. Even more importantly, once found, it will meet and satisfy reader expectations, encouraging them to read more and to recommend your work to others.

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From formatting and layout guides for indie authors to a full-length video poetry course, we've got a great selection of resources for writers – and most of them are FREE.

David Aston book and website

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David Aston book and website

Coherent, unique, professional

You can develop an umbrella brand that encompasses all your writing projects or an individual brand for one specific title or genre.

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Interactive brochures:
a powerful showcasing tool

An eBrochure is a standalone digital mini-book that enables you to present yourself or your projects in an effective and professional manner through text, images, animations, video, audio and interactivity.

By bringing together a selection of biographical and bibliographical information, sample texts, interviews and behind-the-scenes secrets, your eBrochure can function as an author calling card, a sampler of a range of work, to highlight a new book, or to contextualise a series of related books or projects.

Available in iBooks format (for iPad and iPhone) or as apps for iOS, Android or Amazon devices.

David Aston book and website

Build your brand

If you're interested in giving your work a professional edge, we offer a range of digital and print services to help you create and build your author brand:

Your books

Print and digital books need different treatments. We provide: bespoke cover art; custom layout for any format (hardback, paperback, ePub, mobi, enhanced ebook, iBook, Android app…); metadata; jacket blurbs and inside-cover texts.

Responsive website

Whether it's a simple landing page for a single title, or a full-blown website with shop, blog and forums, we can design and implement a website to suit your brand message using modern technology to ensure it adapts for viewing on different devices.

Author brochure

A standalone digital mini-book that can incorporate text, images, animations, video and audio, an eBrochure can be effective as an author calling card, a sampler of a range of work, to highlight a new book, or to contextualise a series of related projects.

Submission to online stores

We will submit your book to the main online shops (Amazon, Google Play, Kobo, iBookstore, Barnes & Noble) and can also offer your digital book for sale via the Tantamount bookstore.

Cross-platform integration

Amazon author page with photo, bio and links to bookstore and website; Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Google Plus… we will set up profiles to reinforce and unify your brand image across social media platforms.

Book trailer

A custom-made video trailer to promote your book and attract readers' interest. Similar to a movie trailer, the book video can be displayed on your website or accessed via online video platforms.


Text-only ebook (standard epub and mobi for Kindle)

Custom layout & book cover

Upload to five online bookstores

Amazon author page/social media profiles

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As Basic package plus:

Book to include up to 20 images

Book trailer

500 bookcards

Responsive author or book landing page

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As Premium package plus:

Enhanced Apple iBook/ IOS app

Android and Amazon apps

Author brochure

Media kit

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We're multi-faceted

The concept of author branding spans three important areas: publishing, visual design and marketing. Many authors agree that their time is better spent writing than trying to become an expert in all these areas, so they choose to buy in the editorial, publishing and design services they need. is a part of Tantamount, whose experts in digital publication and graphic design have a full understanding of traditional publishing processes. We harness state-of-the-art technology to empower indie authors to discover the right tools and formats for their work and to develop and present a clear, coherent and consistent brand image. Our expertise complements your writer's skill and allows you to deal with a single supplier for all your digital and design needs, saving you time, money and headaches.

Check out our creative portfolio and visit the Tantamount website for full details of our services for authors, artists, publishers and businesses, as well as access to a variety of free resources for writers.

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